Saturday, 29 January 2011

This Mother's Love

This Mother's Love

No words are sweet enough
To capture the essence of your sleeping form
Nor fierce enough to know how I would give my life for you

I touch your tiny hand
Flesh more precious than the finest treasures
This world or any other could ever hope to offer

In this moment we are one
I breathe in your warm exhalation
Synchronising my breath with the rise and fall of your chest

You intoxicate me
I hold you closer knowing every perfect inch of you
The warmth of your body a gentle reflection of this mother's love


  1. Aw that's just gorgeous. Well done you :)

  2. I am following you through the blog hop. Very nice site. Thanks

  3. Hello - what a warm emotive poetic creation. I had tears on my cheeks. And what a sweet blog too. So glad you linked up this week, and thanks for getting my button right up there on your post. Its the very best way to promote this, my baby: Weekend Creative Blog Hop. I'm following you. Please come back in the coming weeks - starts friday 00:01 and ends sunday 23:59. Shah. X

  4. Hi! Beautiful poem, I'm dropping by from Shah's Weekend Creative Blog Hop. I am now a new follower.

  5. Really beautiful poem, thanks for sharing this for the Maternity Matters Meme xxx

  6. Beautiful lines. They express my feelings more eloquently than I could ever have said.


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