Monday, 3 January 2011

Sale Shopping

Well, I finally got to go bargain hunting in the January sales. I had been wanting so much to be seduced by consumerism at a reduced price but as soon as we hit the town centre I remembered that I actually hate post Christmas shopping!

The world just looked grimy today. The snow did cause all manner of chaos but it was certainly beautiful. Today there was no sign of that beauty - just drab, washed out shades of dirty.

The traffic was heavy getting into town and parking spaces were harder to come by than usual causing my stress level to rise.

The shops were crowded making manoeuvring a buggy round sale rails virtually impossible. Baby Boy protested loudly to the claustrophobic environment sending the stress level up another notch.

Queues to pay for purchases were long and slow moving thanks to people returning unwanted goods.

Displays of unsold Christmas stock looked sad and unappealing.

I did manage to make few (not terribly exciting) purchases. A T-shirt I bought for the Baby Boy and a cardi for myself went through the till at an even cheaper price than the already marked down ticket, which was a nice bonus.

And I bought a dummy.

I have never used dummies for my babies and although I would never criticise any mum for doing what they think is right in the minefield that is parenting, I have always thought that a baby with a dummy stuck in its mouth is not an appealing sight. However, after too many nights of the Baby Boy wanting to be latched onto a boob for hours on end, I have decided that a dummy could be exactly what we both need! I will commence Operation Pacifier tonight and see if the desired outcome of a good night's sleep for he and I can be achieved.

Just for fun (and because it was quite hard to buy something I really don't like) I chose a Glow in the Dark Dummy. It might at least make it easier to locate in the gloom if he spits it out in disgust.

I also treated myself to some lovely, half price, Boots Botanics bath products. I have traded my dream of sale shopping for a desire to relax in a fragrant, skin softening, detoxifying, steamy, candlelit bath. Unlike the shopping, I know that won't disappoint.

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  1. Oh I love a good sale. Eden and I were at the Lush shop in Telford on Boxing day with the rest of them! Hope the dummy does it's job - managed 22 days before Tala was given one and was just the job xx


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