Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Gallery - Week 43 - Children

As I prepare to celebrate my one year wedding anniversary next month, my thoughts return to my wedding day. 

On our Order of Service, I printed photographs of my husband and I as children. I liked the idea of acknowledging the children we had once been this way (and it did get a lot of "aaahs" from our guests!)

The Order of Service is visible in the background of this photo along with the original old photographs and the champagne ready to toast a year of being man and wife.

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  1. Oh this is fab - and I say that because we did exactly the same for our invites back in 2007. Everyone loved them!

    Heather x

    p.s. I love your new blog banner

  2. Aww that is such a lovely idea!! Love it :)

  3. Awww, that is lovely. Have you anything planned to celebrate the first anniversary? Jen

  4. Happy Anniversary! Lovely idea for your wedding and very cute photos


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