Saturday, 29 January 2011

Snazaroo Face Paints - A Toyologist Review for Toys R Us

I love face painting.

I have face painted at parties, at fund raisers, for fancy dress and more recently painted a simple face on my feet for a competition entry.

I only use Snazaroo face paints.

The colours are vibrant, they cover beautifully and stay put, they clean off relatively easily. The paints are water-based, hypoallergenic and non toxic. I have never experienced any problems with skin reactions.

The range of Snazaroo products for serious face painters is amazing but you can't go far wrong with these kits from Toys R Us.

Each kit contains a palette of eight colours, a sponge, a brush and a booklet with simple step by step instructions to some fantastic faces along with some inspiring ideas. The pink kit is aimed at a girlie audience with sparkly and metallic colours whereas the blue kit lends itself to more masculine designs.

At £9.99 for the potential to paint 50 faces, I think this represents excellent value for money.

I prefer to take my time when painting faces and have a practice first. The video shows my first attempt at the butterfly face in the instruction book and a bit of freestyling fun with my ever willing assistant!


  1. Love the feet paints! Great review - Thanks Paula.

    Toyologist Team lead for Toys R Us

  2. Those are impressive. The best ones are the ones where the shape of the hand or the skin texture works for the animal (like the elephant and giraffe). The painting of a cat on the hand seems a bit pointless.


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