Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Humming Method

The Baby Boy HATES his new dummy. A cold latex teat is no substitute for warm mummy flesh.

However, the fact that I bought the dummy seems to have alerted my husband to the gravity of the situation. Instead of leaving it to me to deal with hours upon hours of on off comfort night feeding, my husband took it upon himself to hum the baby to sleep - with a great deal of success.

Now when I say 'hum' what I actually mean is a low, gravelly, groaning noise that somehow manages to reverberate through the fabric of the house. I wouldn't be surprised if it registered on the Richter scale (note to self - check internet for reports of minor earthquakes detected in the Shropshire area). It is a miracle that the whole household wasn't 'hummed' awake - even more of a miracle that the baby boy did in fact settle and sleep for a good part of the night in his own cot.

I'm not sure if my husband's vocal chords (or indeed the crumbly plaster on our walls) can withstand night after night of the Humming Method so I am hoping that just by breaking the habit of sleeping all night in my arms, latched on to my poor overused boobs, we will be able to re establish the baby's old habit of sleeping through the night in his cot without any disturbance.

It would certainly help to put the spring back in my step and give me the best possible chance of coping with whatever the New Year throws in my direction. Fingers crossed for a Dummy/Hummy Free peaceful night of silent slumber.


  1. Hi Paula,

    Get rid of the dummy!!!! You will end up with a toddler obsessed (believe you me I also HATE them with a passion) which is even more of a nightmare. Maybe try and structure your feeding though? Are you BF?? If so, is he getting enough hindmilk or just snacking???? (Although the fact you have had 5 kids makes me think I am stating the obvious!) Otherwise, could it be teething??

  2. You have to do whatever works! You cannot function without sleep, and today I am the authority on that subject having had a grand two and a half hours last night, but that was my fault for giving an 18 month old some take away curry for her tea. Should have thought through the likely consequences first...


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