Saturday, 8 January 2011


This weekend, my daughter (who turned 14 on New Year's eve) has invited four of her friends for a birthday sleepover. I would not have thought it possible for five teenaged girls to make so much noise. It is all good natured exuberance as they compete against each other on various Wii games but oh dear... I am trying to ignore the dull throb making its presence felt behind my eye sockets as the decibel level raises. I am glad for the neighbours' sake that our house is detached and built at  time when a certain sound muffling thickness of walls was the norm.

I am delighted that the kids are having fun and if anyone deserves the chance to let their hair down it is my daughter, who is always so sensible, reliable and helpful. However, I can't help wishing it was all over so I could relax in the oasis of calm that I strive to create for myself. Tomorrow....(as the song says).... is only a day away.

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  1. o my goodness - I went down this road, Chloe had three over last weekend for her bday!


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