Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Nuby Review

As the introduction of solid food picks up pace for my baby boy,  I am constantly on the lookout for things that will make the whole experience enjoyable for both him and myself.

I was very excited when Nuby sent me the following products from their extensive range to review:
Sure Grip Bowl
6pk of Feeding Spoons
Flip-It Beaker 
No-Spill Cup
and their gorgeous, award winning Twisty Bugz teether

Everything looked lovely, but how did they perform? Did Nuby deserve its reputation as "one of the world's leading baby and infant feeding brands" ?

I started with the feeding bowl and spoons. 

Nuby Sure Grip Bowl & Feeding Spoons
It was hard not to be impressed by the fresh, vibrant colour of the Sure Grip Bowl and the plastic felt thick and slightly rubbery (I have had too many of the brittle plastic bowls meet an untimely demise  as they are flung gleefully from high chair to tiled kitchen floor). The unusual oval shape fitted very snugly in my hand and the contoured edge allowed easy visibility of the contents whilst providing a good surface to scoop the food up against, making the bowl comfortable and efficient to use. The baby enjoyed handling it too and the non-skid base did mostly keep it within reach and prevent too many 'bowl overboard' incidents!

The feeding spoons came in a pack of six different colours.

The most surprising thing about the spoons was their length which I thought might make feeding a little awkward but the opposite proved to be true. As well as having the advantage of reaching easily to the bottom of even the tallest of the baby food jars, it did seem to offer a high degree of control. I may be getting a bit geeky about this but the spoon had a very satisfying balance point which I am sure was not arrived at by accident and demonstrates the attention to detail that must have been applied at the design stage. The decorative handle doubles up as an excellent gripping surface, ensuring I  could keep a firm hold of the spoon even with my most enthusiastic little feeder!  

If I chose to feed my baby out of an empty yoghurt pot with an old tea spoon, undoubtedly the food would find its way into his tummy but these modestly priced products do represent thoughtful design that certainly contribute to a positive feeding experience.

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