Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Favourite Posts I have Written

 Discovering the Top Ten Tuesday on Sluiter Nation's blog really got me thinking. 

Having only been blogging for a few months, I wasn't sure I'd have enough posts to choose a "Top Ten" from but when I started scrolling down the archive I was surprise at how much had actually accumulated there. Being reminded of my humble beginnings and seeing the ongoing evolution of my blog made me realise how much the whole social media network has come to mean to me.

Updating my blog is something I look forward to a great deal along with the validation of comments and new followers. I am so happy to have discovered the blogging community that provides me with inspiration, motivation and a outlet for creative pursuits as well as a window into the lives of some quite amazing people.

My "Top Ten Favourite Posts I have Written" is, I hope, representative of what my blog is all about and I have thoroughly enjoyed compiling it.

10. Psycho Potato The fun I had with an early attempt to make a video competition entry
 9. Can I Have this Dance? A growing passion for ballroom dancing
 8. Then and Now Nostalgic reflecting
 7. Comfort Blanket Sharing the funny little ways that make our children so special
 6. Fighting Back the Dark Days of January The most recent post to make my top ten 
 5. RTA A sombre reminder to treasure life
 4. A Toyologist Xmas The culmination of the difficult task I set myself to review 12 toys in the 12 days leading up to Xmas in my new role as a Toys R Us toyologist.
 3.  Not Quite the Day I had Planned The trials of parenting
 2. A Year's Supply of Chocolate A prize to put a smile on my face
 1. My Friend Next Door A response to the prompt 'Childhood' from "Sleep is for the Weak" Writing Workshop 

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