Tuesday, 4 January 2011

11 things for 2011

  1. Inject some colour into my wardrobe (I only ever buy shades of black!)
  2. Throw out anything that isn't beautiful or useful (it's OK, my husband is useful)
  3. Pay at least as much attention to my good points as I do to my bad.
  4. (..if it's not a contradiction) Plan more and be more spontaneous.
  5. Learn what my camera is capable of so I can take better photographs.
  6. Choreograph and perfect a pole dancing routine.
  7. Seek experiences outside my comfort zone.
  8. Don't let my ironing pile (real and metaphorical) get bigger than me.
  9. Do something useful/meaningful/productive every day.
  10. Don't beat myself up if number 9 above proves to be beyond me.
  11. Blog about it all.

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