Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My Top 5 Things I Wish I Could Do - Listography

I am the sort of person that will have a go at anything. I can't honestly say I really excel at anything in particular but I am reasonably good (or at least OK) at lots of things. However, there is always room to dream and so these are the things I Wish I Could Do:

1. A Back Flip
I know this will never happen. The video confirms it.

2. Hair
I have 5 daughters, all with gorgeous hair. I wish that I could work the same magic with straighteners, bobby pins and hairspray that the hairdressers do.

My daughter showing what it means to have a bad hair day
3. Hypnosis
The untapped power of the human mind is a fascinating thing. I would love to be able to hypnotise myself and others to harness a tiny amount of that power (and I probably wouldn't be able to resist making someone spontaneously burst into bad Elvis impersonations in the Supermarket aisle).

4. What the Waybulo Piplings do
It's not flying exactly, more like swimming in air. It looks so effortlessly serene and beautiful and useful for getting to all those just out of reach places.

5. Dressmaking
I had a go at making costumes for my daughter back when she took part in the shows put on by her dance school and again when she tried competitive dancing. It was insanely tricky and for at least the last five years, my sewing machine has been gathering dust on an inaccessible shelf. However, I would love to have the skill and flair to be able to make fabulous clothes that fit perfectly. I would make sequinned ballroom gowns in every colour imaginable .

So that's what I dream of doing -  floating around in a sparkly gown with perfect hair, controlling your minds with a back flip thrown in for good measure. What about you?

A Kate Takes 5  Listography post.

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  1. Backflip fails...legendary video!! Don't try it man! x

  2. I was going to ask you to be my spotter, Wendy, but it would most likely not end well!

  3. Hey I really love your list - very random but all good! Thanks for joiing in . x

  4. I'm sure all you have to do to float like the Piplings is to locate the correct drug... (On a side note, Tori has just started trying to get her mouth round 'waybuloo' and it is possibly the cutest thing ever)

    Great list!! xxx

  5. I wouldn't have a clue what to do with little girls hair, thankfully I have two boys - just brush and go!

    Carole x

  6. A superbly random list - I love it!

    *secretly wishes she'd thought of the 'float like a Pipling' one* How cool would that be.

  7. Number 4 - yes yes yes!That's my favourite one so far. And I love the hair photo! xx

  8. I wish I could fly/swim/float like the Waybuloos too--looks like a superior mode of transport to say, train travel.

    Great list.

  9. I havent stopped iaughing since watching the video of the guys attempting backflips. You are so clever, I bet if you tried you hand at dressmaking, you would probably surprise yourself.


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