Monday, 31 January 2011

Nuby Teething Toys - Review

So far, my baby boy has cut his two bottom front teeth. Now it is the turn of the top two. One has just made an appearance but the other has yet to break through the hard, lumpy, sore gum with the inevitable discomfort that makes for a grouchy baby. I want to do whatever I can do to distract him from his grumpiness and aid the teething process so he has an easier time of it (and as a happy consequence, I have an easier time of it!). This is where teething toys have a role to play.

I have already tested, reviewed and fallen in love with the Nuby Twisty Bugz Teether. (You can read my review and enter my giveaway to win one here). I was very happy to be given the opportunity to try some of the other teething toys in the Nuby range. I chose from their website a Teether Tugz, Flip Flop Book and Ding A Lings. I really don't think that the images on the website do them justice.

All of the teether toys were produced with the attention to detail in terms of safety and thoughtful design that I have come to expect from Nuby. They were bigger than I imagined, bright and colourful, invited exploration and represented excellent value for money.

This was my favourite of the three teether toys. It is a fairly simple stuffed bug but with oversized wings and so many different colours and textures for little hands and minds to discover (also available as an elephant or rabbit with oversized ears). It is a welcome addition to our toybox.

What better way to nurture a future love for reading than to give your child a book that crinkles, rustles and squeaks as well as providing ideal, textured teething surfaces. The actual story is not the greatest example of child literature I've ever seen (!) but it doesn't detract from this being a lovely toy. True to form, my boy was most fascinated by the small velcro strap that holds the pages together when the book is not being read.

This was my baby boy's favourite, which bodes well for his musical future.  It makes a interesting chiming noise when you shake it and the long, dangly body seems to dance about in time. We had the frog Ding A Ling. Other animal designs are available. The top part of the toy, which my boy had straight in his mouth for a good gnaw, doubles up as a link to fasten it to your car seat, buggy etc. Perfect to stop it being dropped when you are out and about.

I think the best way to showcase these products is in the hands of a baby. He can show with his actions what I cannot begin to explain with my words.

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  1. Great review, I especially love the video :)
    Wish I had known about these when my son was a little younger although I'm sure he'd still chew on these toys even at 14 months as he's getting some of his big teeth in!


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