Friday, 7 January 2011

Almost the weekend.

I just accidentally followed my own blog! Didn't even know that was possible!

Yesterday was a very proud day for me. It was Presentation Evening at my daughter Taylor's school. Not only did I see her go up onto stage to collect her A and A* grade GCSEs but she was also presented with an award for her outstanding maths ability and given several praise filled mentions from teachers of other subjects. And that's not all. Presenting the certificates and awards with a handshake, a nod and a smile was my eldest daughter, Liberty. She had been invited to make the presentations and deliver a speech about academia and life after college. Her speech was witty and well delivered and appreciated by the audience. I confess I had a tear rolling down my cheek by the end of it, looking at this confident, accomplished young lady and thinking to myself, that's my baby girl!

To round off the evening of celebration and success (and because it was Ivy's last night at home before going back to University) we ordered take out pizza. Pizza nights always go down well at our house - mozzarella and laughter in equal measures.

Today, after  a lovely few weeks of having Ivy home, it was time to take her back to Northampton. I was disconcerted to see that it was snowing again but we forged on regardless and it didn't really cause us any problems. I reminded Ivy that this term was the mid point of her time at Uni. The first half has gone by so quickly that I urged her to make sure she made the most of every opportunity in the time remaining. We said our goodbyes and I set off on the two hour journey back home. The snow had given way to rain and fog which didn't make for the best driving conditions. Either my eyesight is deteriorating or my windscreen wiper blades need replacing (or both) because it was a real struggle to see. Thankfully, Ivy had left me with a Wispa bar from her Xmas Selection Box which gave me a much needed energy boost to sustain the level of concentration required. I made it home safely and my two little ones who had been strapped in their car seats for far too long, behaved fantastically well (I'm not sure how I would have coped if they had been distressed).

Ivy is already throwing herself back into University life in her own funny way, one out of two of my babies is tucked up in bed asleep and the weekend is putting down the welcome mat. There is plenty to smile about.

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  1. Pizza always is a hit in our house too! In fact we took the kids to Pizza Hut tonight, as a special Friday night treat. Bx


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