Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Snow Stunts

This weekend we are going to be making our delayed Christmas trip to visit the in-laws. The snow prevented us from executing our original planned visit so now we have to try and resurrect a little bit of the festive spirit at a time when the decorations are packed away, the kids are back at school and the thought of eating brussel sprouts and mince pies is just plain WRONG.

As well as interfering with travel plans, the freezing conditions caused us all manner of other problems from dead wildlife to burst pipes but this is not how I will remember it.

I will remember it for the crisp white beauty which decorated the world outside my window in a fashion far more spectacular than any baubles, tinsel or lights adorning my tree. And I will remember it for this marvellous moment, captured on video, when two of my daughters' boyfriends decided to challenge each other to perform "Snow Stunts". Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. That video makes me laugh EVERYTIME! Showed it to my housemates/buddies yesterday - they laughed too. P:


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