Tuesday, 25 January 2011


My fabulously talented daughter Liberty has made me a new Banner for my blog using Photoshop. She has written a turorial about how to do this here.

I have had to make a few adjustments to my blog design to accommodate it and the perfectionist part of me can't help but notice that something is not quite right about the right hand edge*, but I absolutely love what she has done after nothing more than a quick brainstorm in the sauna last time we visited the gym and an intuitive understanding of who I am and what would please me.

I recently wrote a post about my divorce. At the time of this traumatic event in our lives, Liberty was 17 years old, trying to deal with the idea of A levels and leaving home to go to University. The last thing she needed was the turmoil that her home life had spiralled into.

I should have been supporting her but instead, she supported me. She was my rock and I will never forget how amazing she was.

We have a very close relationship and have only ever fallen out three times
  1. when I tricked her into going on Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris and she punched me
  2. when we had a face off and she threw the contents of a bag of Hula Hoops at me
  3. when the stress of moving out of the family home during the divorce became too much and she tried to run me over in her car!
Each of these incidents has made us closer and we laugh about them now. 

We never underestimate the value of laughter.

I leave you with a photograph of my lovely daughter Liberty from the time of the divorce. She is modelling a T Shirt and pants ensemble that she created herself with fabric pens, demonstrating a design flair she would later put to much better use with Photoshop and a sense of humour that helped keep me sane.

* Liberty fixed it!

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