Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Reluctant Potty Trainee and her Smartipants (Review)

I once had a pair of socks that claimed "One Size Fits All". They didn't fit anybody.

This is definitely NOT true of Smartipants. The One Size Fits All Smartipants fit as snuggly and comfortably on my 15 kg daughter as they had on my baby son.

My daughter is a very reluctant potty trainee. For about the last six months, every box of disposable nappies I've purchased for her, I have thought will be the last. They are on my shopping list again this week.

She has so many beautiful little girl knickers waiting for the day she decides she is ready but in the meantime, we struggle on.

She was quite happy to wear the Smartipants.

Did they function as well as her usual disposable nappy? YES, in fact slightly better because her disposables tend to hang down once they are wet.

Would I use them on her again? Probably YES, although not when she is wearing her tight leggings. She did look a bit overstuffed around the bottom.

Will they help with the potty training? Almost certainly NO but that is a reflection on her stubbornness, not the Smartipants.

I imagine that the Smartipants will be very useful for night time if we ever get to the stage where she is dry during the day but unreliable at night.

Despite my misgivings about wearing Smartipants with leggings, I can honestly say that I' rather see



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