Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Top 5 Places I've Visited - Listography

Travelling is one of the things that I hope to enjoy later in my life (health and finances permitting). There are many places I'd love to see and things I'd love to do but home and family have always taken priority. So my rather limited "Top 5 places" I have visited is as follows:

As a teenager I hitch hiked to Paris with the man who, over twenty years later, would become my husband. We lost touch for many years until Friends Reunited did exactly what it says on the tin! We arranged to return to Paris which is where we reacquainted and fell in love. Paris will always be a special place to me.

We ate brie and baguette by the Seine

My husband was living in Switzerland before he moved to England to marry me. I visited him once there in the summer and again with my children during the skiing season. I loved our skiing holiday but I have special memories of walking in the mountains when the only snow was at the very peaks and cows grazed with their cowbells clanging. 

Fresh mountain air and a great sense of wellbeing

Brighton holds a very special place in my heart. My husband was born and raised there and my sister, who I feel so honoured to have had in my life, lived there before cancer deprived this world of a most amazing person. I always feel closest to my sister when I am in the town she loved and called home. That powerful sense of connection does ignite the pain of loss that is inside me always.

The unmistakable pebble beach

This was the place where my husband got down on one knee during a cliff top walk surrounded by curious sheep. I have very fond memories of sitting in the square outside the Ancient Courthouse, feeling that all was good with the world. There was a band playing that day and we watched an elderly couple dancing together oblivious to everything but each other. It was lovely to know that life after divorce for me was no longer a bleak, lonely journey towards death but instead a wonderful adventure towards old age with a man I loved.

I never enjoyed family holidays with my first husband - he was not easy to spend time with. Taking a family holiday abroad to somewhere hot and beautiful with my second husband was a revelation. I had an unforgettable time and having just found out I was pregnant made it all extra special. I loved the views from our villa, especially from the infinity pool.

Finding out what family holidays should be like


  1. You'll always have Paris! What a magical city. A lovely list here, some ideas for when I start travelling again (when the kiddies are a big bigger).

  2. Wow a great list - fabulous photos and O MY GOD WHAT AN AMAZING LOVE STORY!! This weeks listography has certainly revealed an awful lot about the people taking part. Thank you for sharing. x

  3. A really lovely Listography with a lovely story intertwined!

  4. What a brilliant list. Some of that gave me goosebumps! x

  5. Lovely list and story. I've been married, divorced and re-married so can relate a lot x

  6. Great list, brilliant story and an amazing infinity pool, I've always wanted to go in one!

  7. beautiful romantic list, love the photographs. I love Brighton, great place

  8. I've seen lots of lists today, thanks to MidThirtiesLife, and every single one of them makes me want to leave home. Yours is no different. :-)

  9. Ive included Paris as well--I worried that it might have been predictably cheesy but included it anyway. Refreshing that you weren't worried! It is a truly fab place isn't it?! Especially with a story like that to go with it!!

    Im a new follower now--hello!! :)


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