Monday, 31 January 2011

My Top 5 Annoying Kid's TV Shows/Characters - Listography

This week's Kate Takes 5 listography topic is 'Most Annoying Kid's TV Shows/Characters'.

I find it hard to get annoyed by anything that keeps my kids quiet, no matter how bad it is. However, if I do find myself stuck in front of the telly with the remote control just out of reach, there are some shows that are harder to endure than others:

  1. Dora the Explorer Why does she have to shout all the time?
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine I hate how mean the engines are to each other.
  3. Big Barn Farm Actually, I quite like this but it is the one CBeebies show that DOES NOT hold the attention of my troublesome toddler. That is annoying.
  4. Panzee from Zingzillas Chronic over acting and such a patronising tone of voice - makes me want to punch her monkey face.
  5. Ben 10 In all honesty, I've NEVER watched this. I don't even know who Ben is or why he has a 10 after his name. However, the amount of Ben 10 merchandising alone is enough to qualify this show as one of my top five most annoying.
Why I find it hard to get annoyed by kids TV


  1. Oh that photo is classic! I know what you mean about it keeping them quiet but sometimes I'd rather listen to my own daughter shouting than bloddy Dora doing it.

  2. Ben 10 made my nephew run out in front of a car! He spent so much time watching Ben 10's antics that he thought he was invincible! Fortunately, he didn't get hit, but makes you wonder who comes up with these bloody shows.

  3. BARNEY! How can you leave out Barney!

    ** Kate **

  4. Oh Big barn farm annoys me for having fake daffodils and poppies planted around the farm.I think every parent hates the same!

  5. Well as Panzee is Sarah-Jane Honeywell, what do we expect???!


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