Monday, 7 February 2011

Magpie Monday - Books

Me and My Shadow

I have made a regular donation by direct debit to the MacMillan Cancer Charity since the death of a friend just over a year ago. I was unable to attend his funeral so this was my way of saying goodbye and doing something positive in his honour.

Other than that, my charitable contributions are fairly hit and miss and tend to be of a loose change variety rather than any significant amount.

My favourite way of supporting worthy causes is through the Charity Shop route. I regularly give donations and every once in a while I will take a walk into town without my little ones in tow with the express purpose of doing the Charity Shop Circuit. I find it strangely relaxing and enjoyable and if I am ever lucky enough to come away with a bargain, that is a bonus.

During the summer last year, daughter Ivy volunteered at our local Cancer Research shop. I would pop in regularly to see how she was getting on and have a little browse while I was there.

I am usually drawn first to the books.

I have picked up some lovely, good as new picture books for my little girl to boost her growing collection (she is already showing signs of being an avid reader).

From 25p to £1.49 each

I always check the shelves for knitting books to keep my mum busy with her wool and needles.

I love it when I find a novel that interests me.

Buying full priced books for myself is something I just don't do. I sometimes go to the library but I get a bit panicky about overdue books and fines. Buying a book from the charity shop means I can read at my leisure, not worry if one of the babies should get hold of it erroneously believing it to be a colouring book / teething toy and I'll even allow myself the luxury of reading it in the bath without fear of the proximity of the paper unfriendly water.

During a recent forage in Oxfam, I purchased a hardback copy of Stephen King's  epic novel "Under the Dome".  I love the horror genre and Stephen King's style of storytelling. My daughter Taylor is currently working her way through my collection, rekindling my interest. My latest acquisition sits temptingly on my bookshelf with the rest of the "to be read pile".  Now if only I had the time......

£1.99 compared with jacket price of £19.99


  1. Love your post. Following via magpie linky. I am the same as you, I adore books and have many. I NEVER buy new unless I can get them for the same price as used ones on Amazon.
    I am your 100th follower Whoop! xx

  2. Im exactly the same...I only ever buy second hand books. Great post. Following via Magpie Monday xxx

  3. Following from magpie as well!! I rarely buy a book new, I am obsessed with books!! If I knew how to link back to my blog I would, but have a look in early Jan, there is something there that I think you will love - free book but a magical journey to get it!

  4. I take a looong time to get a through a book these days so like you I tend to get mine from the charity shop instead of having to renew a library book several times.
    I've heard that knowing someone who works in the shop is the holy grail of bargain hunters! Someone to keep the good stuff to one side for you :)

  5. Thanks so much for linking up.

    Funny to hear that you have a preference for how you 'attack' charity shops! I have my own habits, I usually go for bric-a-brac first, then books then kids section and lastly (if daughter's patience is holding) clothes!

    I'm regularly shocked at the price of books in 'normal' book shops now, it's so long since I paid full price.

    Great stash :0)


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