Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tippitoes Seaborne Baby Bath Sponge - Review

Tippitoes have introduced the Seaborne Baby Bath Sponge to their bath time collection and I have been sent one to review.

The sponge comes in its own little container which instantly makes it feel special.

I remember being fascinated by sponges as a child. I loved the feel of them, the way the air bubbles stream out when you squeeze them underwater, the weight of them when they are saturated, the amount of water that they hold and the way you can create an astonishing amount of lather from a very small amount of soap. A lot of that fascination remains with me as an adult!

The question for me now is would I be happy to pay £7.49 for this Seaborne Baby Bath Sponge rather than using a cheaper synthetic alternative.

There is no denying that aesthetically, this:

is far superior to this:

Not wanting to wax too lyrical but the natural sponge is a beautiful, organic, piece of sea sculpture compared with the homogenous textured, bland, synthetic alternative.

But I'm not buying artwork, I want to know how well  it performs in the bath, how pleasant it is to use and the effect on baby's delicate skin. There was only one way to find that out.

The Seaborne Baby Bath Sponge was a perfect size for using on a baby. After a good rinse, it felt very soft and had amazing absorbency. We only needed a tiny amount of bath product to generate enough lather to give baby a really good wash. My slippery, splashy little man had a lovely time and I was confident that he was thoroughly cleansed.

The sponge was easy to rinse out and once dry could be return to its container.

I'm going to be in danger of sounding like I'm exaggerating now but once my little boy was dried, I had never seen him look so clean and his skin felt beautifully soft. I pointed this out to his daddy who had to agree. Of course, it won't take him long to get scruffy again but it is reassuring to know that my Seaborne Baby Bath Sponge is ready and waiting for the next bath time and many, many, many more after that.

From an ethical viewpoint, the Seaborne Baby Sponge is 100% natural and "extracted directly from the seabed in specially controlled extraction areas". Clean baby - clean conscience.

In summary, a superior product, lovely to use and very effective.

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