Thursday, 3 February 2011

Little Monkey

Sometimes, you capture an image that you know in years to come is going to mean the world to you - an image that will find its way into the light on significant occasions to the embarrassment of the subject. This is  one such image.

I took the photograph for my sister who had handed down the furry all in one suit from her little boy Freddy. Its always nice to see your favourite baby clothes reused, especially when the babies grow so fast that you hardly get any wear out of them.  My little man has benefitted from a lot of the clothes that Freddy has outgrown but this all in one has to be my favourite of all the hand-me-downs.

As for the little face peeping out from the eared hood, thats my innocent Little Monkey. Its hard to imagine that one day he'll be a big, hairy man.

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