Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dear So and So... Online Shopping

Dear So and So...

Dear Tesco

Thanks for the tempting offer on kids clothes ordered online this week. My little boy always needs new things - he's growing so fast.

Yours with a little bit of excited anticipation and a twitching credit card,
New Customer

* * *

Dear Tesco Website

You are actually not that easy to navigate. If there wasn't a bargain to be had I would have left by now.

Getting slightly frustrated and annoyed now,
Jaded Customer

* * *

Dear Power Cut

Did you have to strike in the middle of my online shopping with Tesco. It was a bit like when the fire alarm went off in Asda and everyone had to evacuate the store. At least this time I could make myself a coffee while I waited...  until I remembered no electricity= no kettle. Curses.

Desperately in need of caffeine,

* * *

Dear Shopping Basket

I am impressed that you still had my selections in you once power was re-established, given the abrupt interruption to our session together.

Relieved to not have to start this whole process from scratch,
Returning Customer

* * *

Dear Kids Clothes

Do you have to be so cute?

Questioning the necessity to order six pairs of trousers, even if they are all so cute,
Voice of Reason

* * *

Dear Credit Card

Don't worry, there's an extra £10 discount to come off that total yet.

With reality of having to part with actual money sinking in,
Checking out Customer

* * *

Dear Courier Service

Please hurry - I want my shopping NOW.

Mum of rapidly growing boy

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  1. Ha ha! Great Dear So and So's... I'm a succa for kid's clothes too :D


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