Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Carry Potty - Review


Followers of my blog will know that I have struggled recently with my Reluctant Potty Trainee.

I don't know if any of the many methods I employed actually made a difference or if she just decided that the time was right for her but we have made a huge amount of progress. She is very happy now to sit on the potty and very proud of herself when she performs. 

On the one hand this is marvellous news but on the other, it means we have the nervous transition stage between being quite reliable and being fully reliable. What should we do when we are not at home where accidents are easy to deal with? Even wearing trainer pants seems like such a step backwards from panties that I am loathe to do it.

I was very pleased to be sent a My Carry Potty to test. This seemed like a perfect answer to the problem of needing to go when you are out and about. But would she take to it and would it really be a practical solution?

We opted for the original yellow/blue/red colour combination of My Carry Potty. It is also available now in blue and pink options. It was bright and appealing with a lovely chunky handle that invites you to pick it up and carry it. This is exactly what my little girl did. She had no idea what is was but she knew she wanted to carry it!

The opening mechanism is designed to be stiff in order to make a leak proof seal if you need to transport it anywhere complete with contents. It is not something my little girl can manage on her own and I found it tricky until I got the hang of it.

I opened up the potty to introduce my little one to the idea of it actually being a potty rather than just a suitcase.

At first I thought it looked rather small and was worried that at nearly three years old, my little girl was already too big for it. I needn't have worried. It is compact but perfectly comfortable to sit on and adequately capacious.

She surprised me by sitting on it and straight away doing a wee! In fact, as I was taking the photographs above, she came running out to me saying "want potty", toddled off with it and put it to good use.

With the potty christened, I was able to find out how easy it was to empty and rinse. There was no problem at all with either.

Implicit in the name 'My Carry Potty' is a sense of ownership. My little girl was certainly exhibiting pride of ownership which was elevating the whole potty training experience to a more fun level. 


So to summarise I am very happy to say that my little girl does enjoy her My Carry Potty and for me it offers a discreet and practical solution to the problem of how to deal with awkward potty training situations when away from home. An excellent product.

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