Thursday, 10 February 2011

On the Couch

This short poem is a response to Sleep is For the Weak's "On the Couch" prompt to reflect on life with the triplet I wanted, I have, I want. The prompt took me to the lowest point of my life when I felt I had nothing to live for and the change in my outlook when I met the man who saved me. For all its simplicity, it is extremely soul bearing for me, with my very real pain and joy concealed behind a thin veil of words. For that reason, and not because I believe it has any intrinsic merit, I post it here.

I wanted
To die
What was there to live for?

I have
Found you.

I want
To die
With you, eternally entwined.


  1. Simple words are often the best for big truths.

  2. Simply beautiful :)

  3. I love this and can relate. My man is my world too and I met him when I needed him most. Fate x


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