Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Nuby Review - The Spongebob Squarepants No-Spill Cup and The Snack Keeper

My nearly three year old has been a fan of the absorbent, porous, yellow one since she first realised she could focus her eyes. Not surprisingly, the Nuby Spongebob Squarepants No-Spill Hard Spout Cup was an instant hit with her. The No-Spill aspect was an instant hit with me!

We already use the Nuby No-Spill Flip-It but my daughter is a terrible chewer of straws. The silicone withstands the constant attention of her teeth quite well but eventually, damage occurs. Replacement straws are available to buy but I thought I might be better off with a hard spout beaker.

The spout has a gently curved shape making it very comfortable for little mouths and an ingenious valve that clicks into place under the lid to give the most welcome No-Spill feature.

We had a little 'picnic' in the living room, without fear of messy puddles, all the excitement of her favourite cartoon character and no need for reprimands to "stop chewing!"

The other star of our picnic was the Nuby Snack Keeper.

Again this is designed to be fun for children and practical for their parents. It is a two handled, good sized container with a soft, penetrable lid that allows little fingers access to the snacks within but avoids accidental spillage. It is so simple yet completely brilliant. The dual handles make it very easy to hold.

When Grandad comes to visit, he always brings treats. Often these treats take the form of little packets of sweets. Invariably, the packets split. The amount of melted chocolate buttons and sticky jelly tots I've found under my sofa cushions is unbelievable. Transferring the sweets into the Snack Keeper will avoid this.

Our car seat and buggy are two more areas subject to food related mishaps. The Snack Keeper is perfect for spill free out and about snacking. I'm wondering how I ever managed without it.


  1. We have moved from sippy cups to sports bottles, but we used to use nuby when the Little Man was younger.
    I love those snack bowls, I may get a few cause at the moment jelly beans are the hot favorite . . . and they get into and under everything.


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