Saturday, 12 February 2011

Shloer Cocktails - Review

Valentines day is nearly with us.

The idea of Valentines day does tend to provoke a spectrum of responses from 'commercialised nonsense designed to make single people with no love interests feel bad' to 'the most romantic day of the year' and everything in between. For me, it is just another excuse for a celebration and a bit of fun.

Following on from my Shloer review where I held a dinner party to celebrate my teetotal sister's newly awarded Graco Ambassadorship, I have been sent some additional bottles of sparkling non-alcoholic Shloer to try out Valentines cocktails.

Rather than save this for a romantic dinner for two on the day itself (which was my first idea) I decided to have a bit of a girls night in serving the Cosmo cocktail from the Shloer website


75ml Shloer White Grape, Raspberry & Cranberry
50ml Shloer Red Grape
25ml fresh orange juice
2 lime wedges

For a great girlie night in this non-alcoholic version of the Sex and the City classic will treat your taste buds to Shloer White Grape, Raspberry & Cranberry and a sparkle of Shloer Red Grape. Shake well with freshly squeezed orange and lime juice, then strain and serve in a martini glass and garnish with flamb├ęd orange zest and grapes.

The idea was get the girls together, drink some girlie non-alcohol cocktails and cast a few Love Spells.

We bought all the necessary ingredients for our cocktails (apart from the flambeed orange zest part which we decided to ignore) and dusted off the cocktail shaker and martini glasses. There is something about cocktails that makes it feel like a party. My daughter Taylor was in charge of mixing the cocktails and in the video you can see her demonstrate her technique. We did have a bit of an incident involving three of my martini glasses and the drop leaf of a table that decided to 'drop' at an inopportune moment but it didn't dampen our party spirit.

The Shloer Cosmo cocktails were delicious and fun - a huge success. As for whether our Love spells work as well, we shall have to wait and see!

You can find Shloer on Facebook


  1. Hi Paula
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.
    WOW. Your Followers have taken off this past week. Huge congrats. I am still languishing at 44.....trying to hang on to the idea that slow and steady wins the race (not really convincing myself though!!! :)
    Those cocktails sound yum!


  2. My invitation must have got lost in the post.

  3. It would have been fun with you and yours here too but I fear that our casualty count may have been higher than 3 martini glasses if we'd had such a houseful!


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