Monday, 17 September 2012

Jungle Junction Taxicrab Boat Play Set

My two little ones are big fans of Jungle Junction.

We were very lucky to be sent two fantastic Jungle Junction Play Sets to review: Taxicrab Boat Play Set and Race Launcher Play Set. Both were impressively large boxes that would wrap up into very exciting presents (how many shopping days is it till Xmas now?!?) Both were aimed at children in the 3+ age category (although I challenge you to tell my two year old son that he is too young!)

The following video shows 2 year old Dylan and 4 year old Addy playing with the Taxicrab Play Set.

There was certainly plenty of play value with this toy and with the exception of the doors which seemed to detach rather easily, it withstood a lot of boisterous activity. Other Jungle Junction characters that we already owned were too big to travel down the ramp but it didn't seem to deter the children from trying.

My daughter's 18 year old boyfriend is always  keen (perhaps a tad too keen!) to get down with the little ones and play. It didn't take him long to realise that the 'plank' made a brilliant springboard to launch unsuspecting Jungle Junction figures skywards, much to the delight of the little ones. Complete chaos and much laughter ensued.

Thanks to Ivy for the photograph.

RRP £29.99

(see also Jungle Junction Race Launcher Play Set review)

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