Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Why I love being a grown up...

I was inspired by a post I read on Mom on a Wire's blog entitled "Why I love being a grown up".

Here are five reasons why I love being a grown up:

  • I get to decide what's for dinner and whether it's OK to have second helpings of pudding.

  • Playing with babies is far better than playing with dolls.

  • I write because I want to not because my teacher tells me to.

  • If I forget to wash behind my ears it's my business.

  • I've finally realised that being me is far more important than being a grown up.


  1. Brilliant! The perfect list . . . specially second helpings of pudding!

  2. Does the fact that being a grown up means you can have double helpings of pudding mean it was ok I ate ten cookies over two days? xxx

  3. I love your list. Sometimes I forgo dinner altogether and opt for double desserts. :) Visiting from blog gems.

  4. You are SO right (well apart fromt he ear washing of course! ) I love being able to be me !

  5. Wonderful! But don't let my kids see this!! I keep telling them it's better to be a kid b/c once you become an adult all the responsibilities come with it!!


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