Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Gallery - Week 45 - 24 Hours

Addy brings a 'few' toys for her brother to play with while I get dressed

Breakfast Time

Clear up after Addy decides to do an inventory of the cupboard contents

Lunch at our local Wetherspoons with my parents and sister, Wendy...

... then back to my house for coffee and gossip

A little nap in front of the TV with big sister before tea


Back from a punishing Aerobics session ...

... to some well earned relaxation.


  1. Love the bath shot, looks so lovely and relaxing!

  2. What a great day! I love the first photo, so many toys! Brilliant. x

  3. What I wouldn't give to slip into that relaxing bath!

  4. fab, and I love the family photo - everyone looks so happy.

  5. we do enjoy our weekly get togethers :)

  6. Oh my goodness....I want to get into that bath NOW! That looks divine. Great pics Paula x

  7. Lovely photos to peer in to your life for a day. The bath at the end look fabulous and soooo inviting!

  8. I do love to treat myself to a good soak with lots of indulgent bath products and a glass of wine - the little pleasures in life should be enjoyed to the max!

  9. the last bit looked the best lol x x


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