Sunday, 20 February 2011


My daughter Ivy surprised me and reduced me to floods of tears by writing a song for my wedding anniversary and posting a badly out of synch video on youtube of her performing it. I had to ask her to provide me with the words because she sings like she talks - incomprehensibly! Reading the words made me laugh at her gentle humour and had me on the verge of tears again in the way she managed to summarise my life in a few verses and a chorus.


My favourite love story’s true,
And began somewhen ‘round 1982,
Well, that’s just a guess,
Makes it rhyme, more or less.

What I think makes it great,
That despite it happened real late,
This love’s stood the test of time,
Even taking 20 years ain’t a crime.

I should take the time to explain,
That sailing wasn’t always so plain,
He was in love but she married another,
To four daughters she became a mother.

They went their separate ways,
Finding a way to spend their days,
Life ticking by ‘til 2005,
When things really came alive.

Reunited, with the flame burning at last,
And things began to happen real fast,
Whirlwind trips, late night chats on MSN,
Dreaming of the time when…

They could live together,
They could make a life together,
They could walk the broken road together,
And finally be together.

In a new house, a new home,
Happiness, wide spread and well known,
The only obstacle that was left,
Officialising the rid of that cleft.

Then in that merry old 2008,
Came a baby girl, 14 days late,
A pregnancy habit set in daily,
Doing the crossword in the Maily.

2010 saw two happy events take place,
A February wedding with snow, how ace?!
A summer baby boy – the first of his kind,
With five older sisters? Pray for his mind!

Now one year on from February 20th,
It’s time to celebrate with,
Cake and dancing, watching out Hinstock Hall,
The clan’s here to party for Paula and Paul.

He’ll get the paper for her crossword,
She’ll love him no matter how absurd,
He’ll get the paper, she’ll always love,
He’ll get the paper, she’ll always love.

My favourite love story’s true,
It began somewhen in 1982,
2011 now, their first anniversary,
This love story’s ‘bout Mummy and Daddy

: )


  1. So glad you like it. I was there for ages on Friday night asking just about everyone, "What rhymes with time?" "What rhymes with MSN?" "Was it 2005 or 2006?" >.<
    Love you :)

  2. Oh My God. THAT has really blown me away.
    Too too too precious.
    That is 100% special WOW.....
    I am in awe. Speechless but rambling nonetheless.

    I seem to use the word nonetheless A LOT lately. Hee hee.

    Bye for now, Liska x

  3. That is amazing. Reading that has made me tear up and I am covered in goose bumps. What a special family you have.
    Congrats again, hope your first anniversary has been truly magical!

  4. wow that was a real moment - how amazing and what a perfect thing to do

  5. That is so awesome! Presents like this are completely the best x

  6. That is so sweet. What lovely words and so personal. I bet you felt like the proudest mum on the planet!


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