Thursday, 24 February 2011

Five Things I Want My Children to Know About Me

The Friday Club

1) I make mistakes. Lots of them. Being the grown up doesn't automatically make me right.

2) I always wanted children. Becoming a mum gave me a great feeling of completeness.

3) Just because I like a bargain and refuse to spend money I don't have doesn't mean I won't pay the extra for the designer glasses you want or the outfit that isn't in the sale. I am glad that you are respectful of my values but  I like to spoil you sometimes too.

4) I feel truly blessed to have six such wonderful children in my life and I am so proud of all your achievements. I might be the embarrassing mum that cries buckets when you sing on stage or lose your first baby tooth but it is only because I love you all so much.

5) I would die for you - but would prefer it if you didn't ask me to prove it!


  1. Lovely post,

    definitely prefer it if we didn't HAVE to die for our children, but completely agree when you say you would. If you had to. xx

  2. I know wihout a question of a doubt that your children love and respect you and wouldn't change anything about you. I loved reading your blog - keep up the good work.

  3. lovely, especially the values and no. 5 made me laugh.

  4. Lol at number 5. Too right!

  5. ironic grin to number 5. And if they asked you to let them die for you? (I only ask because I have.)

  6. Love this! I'm the embarrassing teary mum too, although they're young enough that I embarrass myself more than them at the moment :)


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