Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My Top 5 Favourite Films - Listography


This is a hard one to limit to just five. There are so many fantastic films worthy of the accolade. I will sort them into genres to help me prioritise.
  1. The Notebook  - best romantic weepy - makes me cry buckets.
  2. Se7en - best thriller - it has an intelligent story line, it has macabre deaths, it has Brad Pitt!
  3. Rocky - best nostalgic oldie - despite the fact that Sylvester Stallone's dialogue is unintelligible, this is an iconic movie. It only just beat Jaws onto my top 5 by virtue of the fact that I named my baby daughter after Rocky's girlfriend. The unforgettable scene at the end when a seriously smashed up Rocky shouts above the crowd's applause to his woman "Yo! Adrian!" gives me tingles.
  4. Hellraiser - best horror - I adore a good horror movie and for me this is the best. Clive Barker's vision of hell is incredible and the charismatic Pinhead is superbly played by Doug Bradley.
  5. Beauty and the Beast - best Disney - the list wouldn't be complete without a contribution from Disney. I love that Belle is bookish and a bit awkward, the blossoming love story unfolds with such tenderness and the songs are amazing.

It might be time to plan a video night!


  1. Great call...The Notebook came close and Freddy Krueger pipped Pinhead in my list!! Love the Rocky films...totally forgot them :( It's a toughie whittling it down to only 5. xxx

  2. Love that it's by genre - a true listoholics list!

  3. Nothing to do with the fact you fancy the Beast then mum... :P Beauty and the Beast is my favourite too! :) xxx

  4. hmm - that could be a factor, Taylor

  5. A great mix of films there Paula - a great list!

    I've not actually seen Beauty and the Beast so may have to get that as my daughter would probably love it. Finding Nemo is a firm fave in our house :)

  6. Oh yes I remember Seven and now you have also made me think of two more films that I love, Pulp Fiction and Usual Suspects. Having only 5 is too hard!!

  7. Funny - We've just acquired Beauty and the Beast for the girls and they love it. We, on the other hand, having both adored it when it came out,found it just looked very dated and tired in comparison to the computer animation that has followed it... a real shame, like going back to a childhood place and finding it's smaller than you think.

    Not with you on the horror and gore at all either... let's agree never to go to the cinema together - I'd have 10 things I hate about you on my list and I suspect you wouldn't!!!!

  8. I don't know, Planb - I could have my arm twisted to see 10 things I hate about you. I'll buy the popcorn!

  9. I love that you have created sublists within your list.

    It appeals to my sense of organisation. I think I should source Beauty and The Beast for The Farmchildren. They would love it.

  10. I just don't get The Notebook. I gave up watching after about 20 minutes but so many people say it is brilliant. Maybe will give it another go...

  11. I adore Hellraiser. In fact, when I was in labour, before I dragged myself to the hospital, I watched Hellraiser.

    An interesting experience...

  12. Love your approach to this one Although I'd have to go with jungle book for Disney! With you all the way with Rocky though! AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadriaaaaaaan! x


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