Monday, 28 February 2011

Holiday Parks 4U

Several years ago, we made a plan to visit the Eden Project in Cornwall. It was a long way to travel so we needed to think about accommodation. We were on a fairly tight budget. After exploring our options, we decided to make a whole week of it and booked ourselves in at John Fowlers Holiday Park at Widemouth Bay. We got a really good deal and it meant we had plenty of time to enjoy other attractions of the area. One of our favourite days out was to a lovely Monkey Sanctuary in Looe.

We also embraced the whole Holiday Park culture with the kids taking part in (and winning) the Foxy Club talent contest and dancing competition....and then there was the Foxy Bingo!

I am not a lover of Bingo. I find the whole jumping up and shouting 'HOUSE' thing a bit intimidating. But we were on holiday. We were embracing the holiday park culture. We played bingo.

I was amazed by the amount of bingo cards some people bought to play at the same time. I would struggle to keep track of more than one. You could tell the seasoned bingoers because they had the special bingo pens that stamp the called number with one smooth fluid action. We were huddled round our shared game cards with feverish concentration and one scratchy biro between us. Our technique worked. We won loads of times throughout the course of the week and came away from that holiday with a car laden with plush Foxy toys.

The Eden Project was an amazing place to visit, the Monkey Sanctuary was delightful and the Cornish beaches were breathtakingly beautiful. On top of that there was the clotted cream, the fudge and the vegetarian Cornish Pasties. It was an unforgettable holiday with the whole experience of caravan living and the Foxy Club fun contributing to the special memories.

I would definitely consider staying in a Holiday Park again and a perfect place to find exactly what you are looking for is the Holiday Parks 4U website. There are reviews of a variety of different holiday parks (including John Fowlers) in the UK and abroad. As well as the site reviews, there are some painfully honest (and not always complimentary!) reviews from real customers that make interesting reading. I would always rather have exposure to negative opinions as well as the glossy brochure versions. It enables you to keep realistic expectations and avoids disappointment.

If you are considering a Holiday Park for a family break or like I did as a cost effective solution to the need for accommodation when visiting distant attractions,  is a great place to start.

[This post is submitted as an entry to the Holiday Parks 4U CyberMummy Ticket Competition]


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