Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tree Fu Tom "Ultimate Tom"

My little boy has had a lot to deal with in the last few weeks. As if starting preschool five mornings a week wasn't enough, neither my husband nor I have not been here to look after him as much as we normally would. My boy loves his big sisters and I am very confident about entrusting them with his care, but it can never be quite the same as mum and dad.  And he's had to say goodbye to two of his sisters who have been a big part of his life all summer as one went off to start life as a boarder for her A level education and another left to start her second year at University.... and goodbye to his sister's boyfriend with whom he has a very close bond as he embarked on his University adventure.

Lots if upheaval for a three year old.

For this reason, I was very glad that I could spoil him with a new toy that we were sent to review from Flair.

The toy was a Tree Fu Tom Ultimate Tom. Although we have not watched the show on the television for quite some time, the figure was instantly recognisable to my son who was desperate to get him out of the box to play with.

As an articulated figure, I thought Ultimate Tom was great. Chunky, colourful and easily poseable, my little boy loved 'flying' him around the room.

Couldn't get him to keep still to pose for the 'action' shot!!

I wasn't quite so enamoured with some of the other features. Pressing a button on the figure's chest made wings pop out and the Tree Foo Tom theme tune play. The tune went on rather too long (and was rather too tinny!) for my taste and got somewhat annoying after a while. Unfortunately, the removable cape and pop out wings were irresistible to my little boys inquisitive fingers. We lost the pieces on a few occasions and had to mount a full scale search for them. One of our wings now has not gone back on properly and dangles rather than pops up!

Buttons on either side of Ultimate Tom's belt cause the buckle to light up (always fun) and activates one of over thirty 'Tom' phrases. My son loved copying the phrases, often with comedic inaccurate mimicry. 

Our Ultimate Tom has disappointingly run out of power already from the demo battery (maybe testament to how much my son played with him). The instructions do state that for best performance, the demo batteries should be replaced. Tom is now lying on my desk gently ticking, waiting for a small screwdriver and 3 LR44s.

Despite my slight annoyance that I now have to go out and buy the new batteries before Tom can speak again, I can't deny how much my little boy loved his new toy.

I think the following photograph of my son fast asleep in my bed and still clinging to Ultimate Tom, says all that needs to be said!

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