Monday, 7 February 2011

My Top 5 Things I'd Love this Valentines - Listography

My husband is actually brilliant at buying gifts for me. He buys me jewellery that I love, clothes that fit, vouchers for beauty treatments that I wouldn't dream of buying for myself, champagne and flowers. He buys me take-out when I'm too tired to cook and one of my favourite treats, freshly baked croissants brought to me in bed with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. He has made things for me and bought me things to make me feel sexy and desirable. If I ever mention that there is something I might want, even on a whim, he researches extensively and makes sure I get exactly what I need (even if I didn't know I needed it!) He is brilliant at looking after the kids to give me a lie in or some me time. He runs me baths with candles and a glass of wine.  He leaves me romantic notes and tells me he loves me on a very regular basis. How on earth can I think of 5 Things I'd Love this Valentines that he hasn't already done for me?

Time to start thinking outside the box.

My Top 5 Things I'd Love this Valentines

1. A hand made card with a love poem. My husband is a wonderful communicator but he is not very comfortable with writing. He avoids it wherever possible. When he is expected to write anything significant, he usually asks me to correct his grammar and spelling. For that reason, I know that writing a poem would take an awful lot of effort and would be all the more precious because of it.

2. To be serenaded. Singing is another area where my husband's talents are somewhat lacking. He actually has a lovely tone and timbre to his voice  - it's just finding the right notes that causes the problem. What he lacks in talent he does make up for in enthusiasm whenever we dust the Karaoke machine off but it is more comedy than vocal in terms of performance value. I would like him to sing a song that he had chosen for me and sing it like he means it.

3. A home baked cake. Curry, enchiladas, shepherds pie, sausage and mash... my husband's repertoire in the kitchen is expanding. However, cake baking is not a culinary area he touches. I LOVE cake. A cake baked with love would be a perfect token of his commitment for Valentines.

4. To be carried. I loved it when my husband picked my up in his arms after our wedding to carry me across the threshold. I was 5 months pregnant then so I was quite a bit heavier than I am now! I would love him to pick me up and carry me (to bed maybe?) as long as he thinks his back can take the strain!

5. And just because he is already in the habit of buying me flowers, champagne, jewellery etc and all the other things he does for me, it doesn't mean that they don't ALL make it to my Top 5 Things I'd Love this Valentines List. Poor man. He is going to have his work cut out!

A contribution to Kate Takes 5 Listography


  1. Sorry - I wasn't able to make it as far as your list yet. It's going to take me awhile to get over that first paragraph first. I'll come back when the green eyed monster is at bay...

  2. Fab list. It's lovely having a good man isn't it?
    Not sure how likely mine would be to write a poem, I'd prob get a "Roses are Red" one. x

  3. Your hubby sounds so romantic! Very sweet!

  4. Maybe your husband could write a post and we could get all the other husbands to read it....

    I hope you have a fantastic day. Your list is lovely.

  5. WOW! What a fab husband! My fiance is rather special too and come Valentine's 2012 will be my husband!

  6. What a man, what a list ... I doubled up with Kate's linky this week. Over at mine there is a weekly linky thing I Heart Me, all about mummy bloggers taking time out to blog for "me".

    This week is "what gifts would you buy yourself for Valentines Day." Your post could link, double linky fun!

    I ♥ Me at Notes to Self Plus Two

    Great to find your blog xxx


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