Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ella's Kitchen baby cookies - Review

At 7 months, my baby boy is at an age where he can be kept amused with a tasty snack that he can feed himself. It makes such a difference to how much time I have for me if he can be self contained and happy. However, finding suitable snacks that fit in with a healthy lifestyle is not always easy.

Ella's Kitchen baby cookies are perfect. Made with 100% organic simple ingredients and no added sugar or salt, I can be confident that they are good for my little one.

The cookies are wrapped in twos which is perfect for popping in your handbag when out and about and keeps them fresh.

With only two bottom teeth and newly emerging top front teeth, my boy's ability to bite and chew is a little limited, but the soft texture of Ella's Kitchen baby cookies is just right to provide a challenging chomp without causing frustration.

In true Ella's Kitchen fashion the cookies come in two interesting flavours - apple 'n' ginger and milk 'n' vanilla. My boy made short work of both flavours. They look so appetising that I couldn't resist a little nibble myself. They didn't disappoint.

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