Monday, 21 February 2011

"I did exactly what it said in the recipe..."

My mum said that she couldn't imagine it happening. But it happened. My husband made me a cake for our anniversary.

Not just any cake.

A heart shaped chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing studded with bite sized pieces of vanilla fudge, presented on a silver heart shaped board and in a white cardboard cake box tied with silver ribbon.

OK, so he hadn't left it in the oven for long enough so the liquid middle sank in leaving a surprisingly pretty heart shaped hollow, which he tried to disguise - hence the bite sized fudge studding - but I enjoyed every gooey, globby crumb and drip.

"I did exactly what it said in the recipe..."

As well as my beautiful undercooked cake, he gave me ivory roses like the ones that had made up my wedding bouquet and diamond earrings. I could not have felt more spoilt.

I was delighted by all the lovely wishes from blogger friends, reduced to tears by the song my daughter Ivy wrote for us and slightly concerned that the world would not be ready for what my sister had unleashed on it.

My girls have a regular babysitting booking every Sunday night while my husband and I have our ballroom dancing lesson. This time, they extended their duty to enable us to have a post lesson takeaway curry and champagne without the worry of the baby trying to pinch the naan bread.We toasted our first year of married life together to round off a lovely day.


  1. That cake looks gorgous, well done husband - mine wouldn't know where to start!!
    Love the fudge pieces filling the hole!

  2. Haha...bless Paul and his cooking skills. Glad you got the day you wanted! The unleashing was was time! xxx

  3. I can't cope with the whole bakery thing. I roast a little = poach and grill and fry, but I can't bake. Good on the hubs! Shah .X

  4. It really didn't matter that the cake sunk a little bit it was the thought that counted and I think Paul did a wonderful job. Weren't you a lucky girl to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers plus the diamond earrings. You deserve to be spoilt on these special occasions xxxx

  5. Lucky you! What a happy day! The cake looks yummy, well done husband!!!
    Found my way here through blog gems, happily :)


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