Tuesday, 22 February 2011

5 Things that Make me Feel Good

I have been tagged by Mummy Beadzoid to take part in this blog hop. You are supposed to reveal 5 secret passions that make you feel good. I'm not sure how secret my passions are but they certainly all make me feel good.

1) Wearing Nail Varnish. I have a rainbow of different colour nail varnishes. I can get quite passionate about a particular shade. These days, I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to my nails. Even if I do go so far as to make the time to apply varnish, it gets chipped so easily during the course of a normal day's housework that it makes me wonder why I bothered. This week I am booking myself in for a manicure at our local beauty salon as a half term treat and somebody else can do the washing up.

I Love Angel Nails by Max Factor 
2) Running on the Treadmill. I never, ever thought I'd include that in a list of things that makes me feel good but it is actually true. Running on the treadmill makes me feel good.  Since joining the gym with my daughter a few months ago, my fitness and stamina have improved dramatically. Don't get me wrong, I am no fitness fanatic. I only do about 10 minutes of running but that is enough to get my heart beating and so the sheen of sweat begins to pool in the small of my back, which I find strangely pleasant.

3) Having a Relaxing (undisturbed) Bath. Lots of steam, lots of indulgent bath products, Norah Jones CD, no restriction on time, confident that someone else is keeping an ear out for the babies so I don't have to. Lovely.

4) Flowers. Being presented with a big bouquet of flowers always makes me feel good but I also love growing flowers in my garden. Evolution has worked so hard to make flowers beautiful, the least I can do is allow them to work their feel good magic on me.

Vibrantly coloured fuchsias take centre stage in my garden

5) My Iron Fist Zombie Stompers. Definitely a case of love at first sight with these shoes. I walked down the aisle in them on my wedding and sank into the soft grass in them for the wedding photos.  I love everything about them - the insane colours and zombie inspired pattern, the elegant black bow, the sexy, impractical heel. I especially love the fact that with my first husband who was the same height as me, I always felt self conscious wearing heels that made me taller than him. My new husband is 6' 5''. This gives me plenty of scope to wear whatever silly heels I desire. I still mostly wear my DMs for comfort and practicality but just sometimes, that which does not necessarily make my feet feel particularly good makes the rest of me feel amazing.

Your turn now...


  1. Oh gosh, those shoes are amazing!

  2. I nearly bought these shoes a while ago. I adore them!

    I can definitely see why you feel good in them! They're amazing :D x

  3. Oh I should have said flowers but I so rarely get them I forget how much I love them!
    Great post although those shoes are crazy :p xx

  4. Wow, those shoes are definitely insane. In a good way of course! Love your blog. Just seen the cake your hubby baked you. I can sympathise with him massively. The last cake I made came out like that, then I popped it back in the oven and overcooked it and it came out like a giant biscuit. Oooh er.

  5. Ahhhh I am so glad your order arrived and that you are happy with it. Your sister's happy with hers too.

    I am so glad my post made you laugh as I had intended it to be funny but I was worried my disappointment with "Dumbo" might overwhelm the funniness :-)

  6. Love the flowers one! The shoes are crazy. I used to have crazy shoes too but not anymore :( Anyway, my hubby is a few inches taller than me, but since I am already a relatively tall woman, I don't wear heels typically bc then short women HAVE to comment (secret jealousy of my height & therefor longer legs than theirs) negatively. Oh well.... Lovin' the black bow and the heel on them....

  7. Great list. Share your love of flowers too. And those shoes - WOW. Know what you mean about having a tall husband. My husband is also over 6 foot which means I could wear high heels but I can't because I've forgotten how to.

  8. Hi hun have blog-hopped from 'Two men, a cat and me' and wanted to say thanks for stopping by :-)
    I too love those shoes, maybe if Doo could see that I'd be wearing those for our wedding he may actually set a date ;-) Take care looking forward to reading more from you xx

  9. Fuschias are lovely, aren't they? I have a passion for Gerberas, in fact anything vaguely daisy shaped. They remind me of sunshine.

  10. Ha, I love the shoes too!

    I am following from Australia and we have a bloghop too!
    Feel free to drop past our family friendly blog when you have a moment!

    We are from Scotland and England and are now living the dream in tropical Cairns with our wonderful girls!



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