Thursday, 17 March 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

I managed to avoid the illness that seemed to work its way through everyone in the family to some extent or other. I feel smugly healthful and cheery.

We've had some gloriously sunny days and there are signs of spring wherever you look.

Clean water, drainage, sanitary living conditions, food, money, health care, good life expectancy, education..... The people we are raising funds for through Comic Relief do remind you that we have so many reasons to be cheerful.


  1. Number 3 is a brilliant reason.
    And as for number 2 - Tori found a daisy in the park today...and promptly tried to eat it! Spring has sprung ;)

  2. Great reasons, hope you still avoid sickness x

  3. I too avoided sickness that was in the family this week which was a good job really as I had to look after the others.
    Daffodils gave me joy this week.
    You make a great point about Comic Relief.
    My reasons are over at with some very cute pics this time

  4. You are so right with number three! we are all so lucky here.
    Oh and the lovely spring weather is here today and the flowers are lovely. Quite agree.

  5. Great reasons!

    Here from 123 blog hop.

  6. Hey there, new follow from Maxabella and Reasons to be thankful :) Your blog looks fabulous and I'll be popping back to check you out and see how mummy life is treating you. Enjoy spring - while we sink down into the cooler weather down under!!

  7. Your Comic relief reason really hit me yet again, you are so right. I was just thinking this earlier today.

    Have a great week. Mich x


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