Friday, 25 March 2011

From Here to There in a Dozen Pictures

Regards Rainbow has set a rather interesting challenge to document a regular journey in 12 photographs, trying to see it with new eyes. I couldn't resist and set off with my camera, on foot, to my local supermarket. This is a journey I take very regularly, sometimes in the car if I have a lot of shopping to do but more usually on foot to pick up a few odds and ends. The sun was shining beautifully which makes you look at the world with new eyes anyway.

The hardest part of any journey - getting out of the house.
Note to self: SWEEP UP THOSE LEAVES !!
There is beauty to be found wherever you look.
An empty Fruit Cocktail can (large) on a neighbours wall
 begs the question WHY??
It pays to remember that in a collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle,
the pedestrian is never likely to come off best.
If I noticed this at the end of my road,
why then do irresponsible dog owners fail to do so??
The Pie Factory is a lot less discreet since the perimeter trees were chopped down.
Past the shop that inspires ballroom fantasies.
Ready for emergencies.
The Fire Station Practice Tower reaching up into the sky
Nearly there
I love the bark on these trees - it makes me think of the Gruffalo's Deep Dark Wood
In the words of my SatNav - You have reached your destination


  1. wow there's a lot to see on your journey, great idea!

  2. I like the things you decided to capture x

  3. I like the idea you think of the Gruffalo on the way to the supermarket!!


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