Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Top 5 Pet Hates - Listography


This week's Listography topic from Kate Takes 5, Pet Hates, was a little too easy. I like to think of myself as a tolerant and accepting person. Perhaps I need to re-evaluate that!

My Top 5 Pet Hates

1. When people say "Let's get this show on the road" or worse "Let's get this road on the show". Is that supposed to be clever? My ex-husband used to say that a lot. He also used to say "Fairy snuff" instead of "Fair enough". Made me cringe every time.

2. This next pet hate is one my current husband is guilty of (just to keep it fair and so you don't think I'm picking on my ex). I love to see a scraped clean plate and always finish all my dinner. It's fair enough (or fairy snuff!) if you really dislike something and leave it or if you are really full up and leave it, but what I HATE is when people leave just a little bit. It's not enough to give you indigestion if you make the effort to scrape it up and eat it but it is enough to be annoying when you are stacking the plates to wash up. I hate scraping the little bits of leftovers into the bin - WHY DON'T YOU JUST FINISH YOUR MEAL PROPERLY!!! Husband - you have been warned.

3. Carrier bags that split. This doesn't happen often these days because of the trend now for reuseable heavy duty bags, but sometimes I forget to bring my extensive collection with me and have to rely on the shop's freebies. I actually have the most trouble with the Primark paper bags. I think it is because I can never say no to the question "Do you want to keep the hangers?" regardless of the fact that I have more hangers at home than I know what to do with. During the natural swinging action that occurs whilst walking, the hangars manage to pierce the paper and start the rip. Once it starts to go, you've had it.

4. Failure to use a teaspoon to transfer coffee granules into cup. Not only does this result in a rather ambiguous cup of coffee in terms of the perfect strength, there is also the fact that invariably whilst shaking the jar in the general direction of the waiting cup, those coffee granules bounce all over my wooden work surface to later absorb moisture and set like dark brown spots of concrete (albeit water soluble concrete but you get the drift).

5. Finally (and this is a biggy) it's a dirty washing pet hate. Socks scrunched into balls, T-shirt and jumper taken off as one and still tangled together, trousers with one leg in and one leg out, items worn for five minutes then dumped unceremoniously into the wash basket (do you think I don't have better things to do with my time than constant laundering??) and the biggest crime of all TISSUES LEFT IN POCKETS. Sometimes my husband will leave a ten pound note in his pocket. I quite like that. Once I have salvaged it and dried it I will treat myself to a little something as compensation for having to put up with all the dirty washing nonsense!


  1. Haha I especially like the last one. My OH is a bugger for that. Nothing worse than disintegrated tissue all over a load of laundry especially if it then goes in the drier. Blah. I do like to find the cash though!

  2. Fab post. Love no.1 - I think I'll adopt it as my new saying - that's fairy snuff isn't it?

  3. Hehe great post Paula....love the last one as I can relate so much to that, drives me mad! xx

  4. Brilliant!
    So agree with point 5, has me muttering like Mutley all the damp balled socks and bits of used tissue through everything. xxx

  5. Tissues left in pockets is an absolute nightmare! hasn't happened to me for a while, am tempting fate now :-)

  6. My husband is a demon for the socks in a ball thing too. Why? He has to go to extra effort to put the socks together & turn them half inside out into a giant stinking sock ball, which then doesn't get clean.

    I went on a washing strike with them, refused to wash stinking sockballs, and left them rotting in the washing basket until he separated them. For once, it seems that he learned I meant it, and now we get separate socks. Inside out, yes, but not giant stinking sockballs.

  7. Haha love this one, they are all so true. Annoying to the core!

  8. Oh my goodness, you've opened my eyes to a new horror...do people REALLY make coffee without a teaspoon?! Where's the sense of order? Has the world gone mad?!

    I'll be watching EVERY time someone makes me a coffee now!

  9. I'm with Jayne. I feel deprived not knowing anyone who makes a cup of coffee without a teaspoon!


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