Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Movie Meme #5 - My Favourite Actor

Forget the delicious and fantastically talented Johnny Depp, forget Brad Pitt. There is only one actor who I can guarantee will have me racing for the Record button on my Sky+ remote in order that I might watch his performance over and over again and that is unknown, bit part, Manchester based, undiscovered superstar and personal friend, the one and only Mr John Draycott.

I cannot even begin to describe how much I adore this man.

As kids growing up, he lived a few doors down from me. I lived in the tatty 2 bed semi and he lived in what seemed to me to be the most glamorous detatched house in the row. His mum worked so my mum would look after him between school finishing and her return. It gave us plenty of opportunity to play.

Eventually, the easy relationship we had climbing trees and playing with his action men developed into  experimenting in the fine art of snogging but he was in love with raven haired, elfin fellow classmate so any romance between us was always doomed to failure.  We did indulge in the occasional fumble in his garden shed and he always made my heart race a little bit but our friendship endured.

He enrolled on an acting course.

I was convinced that he was going to be huge success. I was also half convinced that we would end up married. Neither have happened!

He has an impressive list of appearances in well known TV shows such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Shameless and Cold Feet but with the exception of his iconic role as the Ice Cream Man with a Nose Bleed in The League of Gentlemen, he seems to pass largely under the radar of the viewing public.

My favourite role from my favourite actor was in the TV series Married, Single, Other. I loved this series and had no idea that John had a part in it. I actually whooped with delight (once I got over the initial disbelief) when the patient being transported to hospital in main character Eddie's ambulance with a remote control inserted so far up his bum as to need medical assistance to remove it and protesting the accidental nature of how this came to be as a consequence of over vigorous vaccuuming was none other than my Mr Draycott. Classic!


  1. What a fab claim to fame, I adored League of Gentlemen! You will quiet frenquently hear me saying the phrase 'local shop for local people' haha

  2. I can claim he is a friend of a friend ;-) Love that ice-cream scene x

  3. Great choice...Chalvey grown talent!!

  4. Haha! I love League of Gentlemen - class!

  5. Ahhh that's awesome! How lovely of you to choose him too! :)

  6. Brilliant. I love that you chose some home grown talent.

    Very worthy x

  7. I am really sorry I missed John in Exile - glad to hear that he is obviously doing well.


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