Saturday, 12 March 2011

My Top 5 Retro Sweets - Listography


It was such a treat to be given a few pennies to spend in the sweet shop on the way to school when I was a kid. The sweet shop, quaintly named The Chocolate Box, has long gone and the kindly sweetshop owner who had so much patience for our lengthy deliberations would most definitely be weighing out quarters of bon bons in the great confectioners in the sky. Even so, if I close my eyes I can picture the layout of that little shop, still smell the slightly musty but tantalisingly sweet odour, hear the rustle of the paper bags and the clattering of sweets tumbling into the scales. As for the excitement of feasting your eyes on row after row of glass jars holding sweets of so many different colours, shapes and flavours... it can still make my heart race a little faster.

Despite the world of choice available, I was a creature of habit and only ever picked from a small selection of the sugary treats. I had my favourites and I stuck with them. I remember them all so well. There was always the playground trading that went on but I stayed loyal to my favourites:

1. Pear Drops.
A quarter of pear drops would last all day. The distinctive ketone smell of them, like nail varnish remover, was a big part of the appeal. The fact that the soft tissue on the roof of your mouth would be ripped to shreds after a day of sucking on them was never a deterrent.

2. Fruit salads.
You could buy eight of these for a penny and they would make your jaw ache. I bought myself a pink and orange summer top a couple of years ago. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it because of how much it reminded me of fruit salads.

3. Spangles. 
Square, fruity boiled sweets in a tube. Not the most exciting but delicious to suck and handy for popping in your pocket.

4. Candy Cigarettes.
In a more innocent world when cigarette smoking was considered sophisticated and harmless,  I loved to 'smoke' candy cigarettes with the authentic red lit tip.

5. Lemonade Sparkle Ice Lolly
Not strictly a sweet I know but still a Sweet Shop favourite on a hot day. Sparkle ice lollies came in orangeade flavour too but Lemonade was my favourite. Refreshing, sticky... lovely.

Thanks to Kate Takes 5 for sending me on a mouthwatering trip into my childhood memories.


  1. Yes pear drops smell of acetone don't they? But loved them and the smell...

  2. Mmm you have made me want pear drops now after reading this post :P x

  3. You have made me remember rice paper and how much I used to love it. I feel a sweet feast coming on!

  4. You really got me thinkin...

    I think I would pick:

    1. strawberry bonbons.
    2. Rhubarb and Custard
    3. Wham bars
    4. Drumsticks.
    5. Refreshers.

    Liska xx

  5. Cider Barrels beat Lemonade Sparkles!

  6. Spangles - memories flooding back..

  7. oooh fruit salads nom num always loved black jacks aswell :)

  8. Aw lovely list and lovely post. Thanks for joining in again.

  9. Could not stand pear drops yuk! However, I too used to buy the candy cigarettes and make out like I was smoking lol
    Lovely post

  10. ooh fruit salads, I used to swap all mine for my brothers black jacks, happy days! I loved the chocolate ciggies too yum :)

  11. Oh candy cigarettes! I used to pretend to smoke them too and with each pretend 'puff' I would bite a bit off the end! How did they ever think that it was okay to make candy cigarettes for kids?! But they were lovely ;-)


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