Thursday, 24 March 2011

Johnson's 2in1 Bubble Bath & Wash - Review

My two little ones are a pair of scruffy urchins. Luckily, they both love bath time. The one complaint I always get from my more vocal daughter is that she wants MORE BUBBLES PLEASE.

The new product from Johnson's - 2in1 Bubble Bath & Wash - sounded as though it could grant her wish.

I am a little bit careful about what bath products I use with my daughter as she is prone to outbreaks of eczema. Johnson's is a name I grew up with and it inspires trust. I was very pleased to be sent a bottle of 2in1 Bubble Bath & Wash to review.

You will see from the video that there were plenty of bubbles to satisfy even the most demanding of bubble fans. There was also plenty of splashing which inevitably meant water in the eyes (not to mention all over my video camera) but the mild NO MORE TEARS formula delivered on its promise. Both children had lots of fun and came out of the bath clean and fresh smelling.

My daughter is trying her hand at some painting today. I imagine that we will be putting the Bubble Bath & Wash to very good use later! 

Still clean at the moment... but not for  much longer!
This is a lovely product as you would expect from Johnson's.

Johnson's 2in1 Bubble Bath & Wash - £2.99 for 500ml

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