Monday, 28 March 2011

Magpie Monday - Why I Love Charity Shopping

Me and My Shadow

It was a beautiful day today so I thought a walk into town to browse the charity shops would be a nice way to spend and hour and take my mind off my achey legs after a fairly extreme session at the gym this weekend (one of the trainers targeted my daughter and I because we obviously looked as though we were being totally ineffective - I was actually struggling to get my foot into the pedal strap of the exercise bike which wasn't really showcasing my dedication to fitness)

The thing I  love most about Charity Shopping is you just never know what you're going to find.

I always look out for knitting books for my mum and my daughter Taylor has made a list of all the Stephen King books not already in our collection in the hope of picking them up. We also have another project on the boil at the moment.

Since the family band recorded their original song, they have been thinking of ideas for a music video to accompany it. Liberty has drawn up a story board of her vision and has the idea of buying all the props from charity shops to keep the production costs to a very limited budget. I was delighted that the idea to do this was inspired by Ivy's birthday party.

I didn't find any knitting books, or Stephen King books but I did find a Business text book for Taylor and a book of the Scripts from Ricky Gervais' comedy masterpiece, The Office, which I will enjoy flicking through before passing on to Media Student and wannabe Script Writer, Ivy. I also found a little book of brainteasers that always go down well with my girls and three lovely books for my little ones.

I couldn't resist this simple, pink china bowl that I think will look lovely on a shelf in my little girl's room, maybe to keep her hairbands in...

...and finally, an item that I think will fit in with Liberty's wardrobe vision for her music video, (which I maybe ought to have arranged neater for the photograph!)

All of this set me back the trifling sum of £2.97.

Pleasurable, productive, surprising, inexpensive - these are just some of the reasons Why I Love Charity Shopping.


  1. Yup i love the element of surprise in the cs - you got some fab finds, loving that bowl esp. The best bit in charity shopping is when you get there when they unpacking the new donations - that gets my heartbeating! lol Scarlett x

  2. Aww, I agree. Can't think of a more pleasant way to spend a few hours and a few pounds!

    The kid's books look great - not got that Eric Carle one.

    The dinky pink bowl is sweet too.

    Thanks for linking up x

  3. The bowl is so gorgeous!!! Great idea for it's use too! Might steal that one :)

  4. Thats what i love about charity shops i rarely go for anything in particular just love to go have a browse around and see what i come across :)
    The dinky bowl is lovely and fab bargain books x

  5. oooh, you and me both. I love my daily wander to my favourite charity shop on my way to the post office. Like you say, you just never know what you will find. It's wonderful.
    I love the pretty pink bowl.

  6. Blimey...Bargains or wot! Love the bowl, very prety x

  7. Sweet idea for the bowl, and that's how I feel about charity shopping too. x

  8. What I love about this post is that it shows how you shop with you and your family in mind.
    Your finds are individual and show who you are.
    Hope mine do too.
    My lot is at along with a little quiz of sorts

  9. Just whizzing by to say thanks for your comment before I go to bed.
    Liska x

  10. Couldn't agree more with you about the buzz of charity shopping (and car booting for me) because you do genuinely never know what you're going to find. Can't beat it! x

  11. I agree, I think that is why I keep going back, as I never know what you are going to find! I love your pretty pink bowl- perfect for tiny hair bands. Bx

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