Friday, 18 March 2011

Post Something Funny for Comic Relief

The Blog Up North has invited us to post Something Funny for Comic Relief.

This photograph was one I entered into a 'Dexter Mugshot' competition (hence the blood spatter). I did actually win a Dexter box set of DVDs for my efforts but that was merely a bonus on top of the hilarious evening I spent with two of my daughters trying to capture a suitable image.

My long suffering children are used to being subject to such abuse in the name of entering competitions, blogging, or just for the hell of it. They enter into the spirit willingly but with much exaggerated eye rolling.

I wish I had taken the panned out shot to reveal the reality behind the illusion. You would have seen my hard working, studious, intelligent and sensible daughter lying on my bed with pillows to prop her (uncomfortably) into the optimum position for my purposes, obeying instructions to contort her chin into different configurations while fake blood dribbled into her nostril and the corner of her mouth. My other daughter assisted by holding the background in position with arms outstretched to their maximum length and head hunched down to her chest to avoid appearing in shot. On one occasion when she came up for air, I inadvertantly whacked her across the forehead with a heavy camera. Regardless of potential concussion, the shoot continued, with much laughter.

I love how my all my kids are developing wonderful senses of humour. An ability to laugh at situations and yourself is, to me, the most appealing and enduring trait you can possess.

Have fun raising money (and a smile) for Comic Relief.


  1. I'm LOVING your little blondie's T-shirt!

  2. what a fab result from the 2 contortionists and a lovely t-shirt xx

  3. Love both pictures! However, wouldn't it have been easier to capture the first picture stood the right way round (with the signs upside down) then invert it? Just saying... ;-)

  4. If only I'd thought of that Mr Up North!!!


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