Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Movie Meme #4 - Leonardo Di Caprio

I watched Shutter Island last week. It  reminded me what an incredible actor Leonardo Di Caprio is. It is just unfortunate that he is such a baby face with a voice pitched too high for any credibility in manly  roles. I always find myself thinking what a good actor he is rather than completely losing myself in the character which is a mark of a truly great actor.

The one Di Caprio film which is the exception is What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) where he plays autistic younger brother of Johnny Depp's character Gilbert Grape. His performance is remarkable - so utterly convincing that it wasn't until many years post Titanic that I even made the connection that it was  Di Caprio. I love this film but unluckily for me, so does Mummy Mishaps  who has already chosen it for her Movie Meme. 

Try as I might, I cannot think of another Di Caprio performance that comes close to the sheer brilliance of his role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. He is always good, he has an impressive list of films that he can claim for his CV but for me, that early performance in his teens as Arnie Grape is faultless.

For that reason for my Movie Meme this week, I sacrifice originality to concur with Mummy Mishaps

What's Eating Gilbert Grape


  1. It doesn't matter that Jenny did it first. It's an awesome film, and well worth another mention!

    It was the one I was toying with for mine, but plumped for this Boys Life instead x

  2. Don't worry about praising his talents in same film as me, it just proves that we both feel the same way about it and his part in it. he is so brilliant in ts film, as I said in my post, when I saw it for the first time, and so did nt really know who Decaprio was, I thought maybe an autistic actor was playing Arnie! x

  3. Well if 2 people have mentioned it I really should put it on my love film list.

  4. I deliberately didn't read everyone elses first in case anyone else chose it. So, me 3!!! Ladies of good taste :D x

  5. That's it I really need to watch both of these films. Great choices!

  6. It is indeed an amazing performance by the young Leo. Great choice Paula xx

  7. Brilliant choice...He was great in it! x


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