Monday, 14 March 2011

Green Bin Graffiti

Monday is our green wheelie bin collection day.

As I walked to the post office on this beautiful spring morning, I noticed that some people had personalised their wheelie bins with decorative stickers. I saw daffodil stickers, fancy numerals and cute animals.

It got me thinking about my own green bin that I inherited when I moved into this house and the decorative embellishment it proudly sports. Apparently, a mischievous youth decorated the bins all along our road in the same distinctive style, one night, prior to our moving here.

My neighbours have gone to great lengths to remove all traces of the enthusiastic artist's work but I'm actually quite fond of mine. It makes me smile.

What do you think?


  1. Oh it's lovely. A nice pair of juicy cherries on stalks. That's what it is right?! ;0)

  2. What an impressive cock and balls.

  3. Ha! That totally caught me off guard! I was not expecting that when I went to scroll down the page. Very funny!

    Thank you for participating in Blog Gems!

  4. Whoa, not what I was expecting. That's hilarious! I found you on blog gems.... looking forward to reading more!

  5. That's either someone flipping the bird....or, errr, something else.

    Happy Blog Gems! This one is definitely a Gem.


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