Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Fine Art of Flower Disarranging

I love flowers for all sorts of different reasons:
  • biologically - for the amazingly intricate designs that serve a necessary purpose in the reproductive cycle of the plant
  • aesthetically - for their perfection
  • artistically - for the colour and form
  • romantically - for how they make me feel
Having fresh flowers in the house is always a joy. Usually, I put them in a vase and let their beauty speak for itself. Sometimes, I try my hand at flower arranging. 

For my wedding anniversary party last week I wanted some fresh flower table decorations. 

Normally I would do this by collecting some greenery from my garden, creating a framework with it in a block of oasis then adding some colour with my flower of choice.

However, chrysanthemums were on special offer in Morrisons and my husband came back with four big bunches of them. It was far more than I needed so I decided to dispense with the greenery and just make solid floral domes. 

Chrysanthemums are not my favourite flowers but they are really easy to work with and last for ages. I was worried that they would look a little funereal without the foliage to break up the mass of petals but the fact that they seemed to radiate sunshine overcame that.

After the party was over, I dotted the flower arrangements around my house to brighten up the place and remind me that summer isn't so far away.

My nearly three year old daughter and her partner in crime, cousin Freddy, love flowers too. 

They demonstrated their passion for gardening and blooms using the mini trowel and fork that my daughter was given for Christmas and has been desperate to try out. This was the result:


  1. They are little legends!! Love 'em! xxx

  2. I recently called myself an un-housewife. There's some serious un-gardening going on there....

    They don't seem to hurt the flowers those. Rather they free them from their oasis shackles.

    Cute cute video and I love the font too


  3. They don't seem to hurt the flowers those, was meant to say "though".
    Oooops, some un-spelling going on


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