Thursday, 14 April 2011

Resize and Surprise

Anyone who watched the video of my feeble attempt to make Pizza Express Passata Calzone will know that I have a problem with my rings falling off.

I was actually delighted that my rings were so loose because it is an indicator of the weight I have lost but I would be heartbroken if I were to lose any them. I have three rings that I wear pretty much all the time: my wedding ring, eternity ring and engagement ring. The frequency with which they were slipping off my finger, especially when my hands were wet, made resizing a priority.

My husband kept urging me to do it (he of course would have the added incentive to keep them safe knowing how much hard earned cash he had parted with to ensure that my ring finger was suitably dazzling) My problem was that I couldn't bear the idea of sending them away for the alteration because I'd hate being without them. If I had been in my husband's shoes I would have told me to stop being such an idiot and get it done but he is much nicer than me! He found a jeweller that would do it on the premises and have them back on my finger within a few hours. He also decided to turn the ring resizing mission into a day out shopping with lunch, just the two of us, no pushchairs to manhandle and bored babies to placate by whatever means available.

Taylor was in Barcelona on an educational trip (if she finds the sex museum I visited when I went there for a romantic rendezvous when my husband and I were at the early courtship phase of our relationship, it could be a very educational trip!). Liberty was in Scotland with her boyfriend. That left Ivy and the 14 year old, Charis, to take on the duty of babysitting. They willingly accepted, even though it would require feeding the baby boy his first non breast milk and almost certainly dealing with a dirty nappy. I was worried about the nappy part. One daughter recoils from the idea of baby poo, the other recoils from the idea of male genitalia. I asked them how on earth they would cope. My wonderful Ivy stoically assured me that they'd 'man up'.

It was a Chester jewellers that we headed for, about an hour away. We left the family car behind and took the two seater sports car which always puts me into a 'couple' state of mind. The empty child seats in the family car would have made it harder for me to take my 'mummy hat' off. Unfortunately, the recent sunshine had given way to murky drizzle so the soft top had to stay up.

Once the rings were safely in the hands of the jeweller, we went for coffee in the rather elegant Brasserie of the Chester Grosvenor Hotel. I was really enjoying my grown up time and little amusing texts from Ivy reassured me that all was well at camp babysitter.

I was disappointingly rubbish at buying anything despite my generous husband's encouragement. I did find some great Karaoke CDs for next to nothing at a Publishers Clearing House and indulged in some Easter themed bath products from the sensory overload paradise that is Lush but that was about it. Despite a lack of bulging shopping bags, I had a wonderful time, leisurely browsing the wealth of shops I never get a chance to go in when I have kids in tow.

My husband offered to take me to a very posh looking lingerie shop. Over coffee, he had surprised me by telling that he had bought me a "Boudoir Photography Session" which basically entails stripping down to my undies at some point in the future and doing some pouty poses (hopefully in very soft focus). Glamorous lingerie will be essential - I can't imagine doing a Boudoir Shoot in the nursing and sports bras that dominate my undie drawer currently. Actually, I can't imagine doing a Boudoir Shoot at all but I did promise in my 11 things for 2011 post to 'Seek experiences outside my comfort zone'. This is so far out of my comfort zone it is not visible to the naked eye. I will buy some glamorous underwear, possibly even from the posh lingerie shop with the leather sofa for the shopping partner to recline on, but it wasn't happening on this day. Not with my boobs wondering what had happened to the suckling youngster who had by now officially missed a feed and me with breast pads on standby in case some other mother's crying baby was the catalyst for a leaky embarrassment.

I was very happy to pick up my resized rings and have them snugly back where they belong. The jeweller had done a brilliant job and had cleaned them up so they all looked like new. I couldn't stop admiring how sparkly they were.

We drove home with the soft top down - even though it rained.

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  1. It soounds as though you and Paul had a great time in Chester . I am so glad that your rings have been downsized - I have to admit I used to get quite fractious when I saw how loose your rings were and worried that you might lose them.


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