Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Alphabet Date - A

Aerial Adventure followed by Afternoon Tea

Today was our first Alphabet Date. As an acknowledgment to my daughter Liberty, who introduced me to the idea (and because we came up with choice of date together), we decided to double date. 

My husband (a little afraid of heights) and Lib's boyfriend (a fireman and all round adventurer) agreed to the challenge of the Aerial Extreme Rope Course. We set off together, not knowing quite what to expect and hoping we weren't going to let the side down by wimping out.

Ever since watching Johnny Weissmuller swinging through the trees as kid, I have harboured Tarzan fantasies. This was an opportunity to live out those fantasies (with a safety harness!)

We had lovely weather for it, the staff at the Trentham Estate were friendly and helpful and we were very soon making our way round the practice course. For a practice course it was hard going, giving us a real taste of what was yet to come. The actual course was considerably higher and longer and had a rather extreme finish in the shape of a vertical drop from the top of a very high platform.

Liberty's boyfriend made it all look easy as he bounded across from platform to platform, whatever the challenge between. I was immensely proud of Liberty. She obviously found it incredibly hard but she never gave up. I may have looked a little wobbly at times but I loved it and even managed to steal the occasional tree top kiss from my husband as he joined me on the resting platforms.

We all made it round in one piece (although my husband's glasses were knocked off so he had to finish the course "Velma from Scooby Doo" style) and then had the final challenge of the descent to face. Liberty and I did it girlie fashion from a sitting position but both men took the leap of faith upright. If I were to do it again I would definitely step off rather than the bum shuffle technique and maybe even keep my eyes open on the way down!

The course certainly got the adrenaline pumping and fear left me very dry mouthed. I was completely ready for the second part of the date which was Afternoon tea.

To give the rest of the family a chance to get involved with our first Alphabet Date, I had spent the morning baking scones and shopping for clotted cream and fresh strawberries so Afternoon tea could be enjoyed back at my house. 

It really was a fabulous date and I am glad that we caught some of it on camera to keep as evidence of our bravery!


  1. That looks both utterly terrifying and awesome fun! Well done you!

    I suspect my & sy's 'A' date will be a little closer to the floor...

  2. I made that last jump look easy lol. Just the rest of it I struggled with XD

  3. What an ambitious adventure! Well done.

  4. Oh wow. What an adventure :D


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